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US Air Services Inc HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

The comfort of your home and business is greatly dependent on its temperature and air quality. The efficiency of your heating and cooling system is what protects you against the natural elements of summer and winter. Without a functioning HVAC system, your home and business is susceptible to poor air quality and dangerous temperature fluctuations. Arranging for a regular HVAC maintenance service is a very smart way to use your money. It is an affordable way to ensure that your HVAC system is properly maintained so that you minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns that can be costly and unsafe. US Air Services Inc provides full-service HVAC maintenance packages to homes and businesses. We have packages for all your HVAC needs, ranging from large scale commercial heating and cooling maintenance to residential HVAC systems.

Whatever your needs and budget, US Air Services Inc will be sure to find a solution for you.

A Company You Can Count On

Our team of licensed, experienced and friendly HVAC maintenance experts are available round-the-clock to service you in case of an emergency. Our maintenance packages always include 24/7 emergency response service in case of an unexpected breakdown. The upside to arranging a regular HVAC maintenance service with a company that you trust is that, in the event of an unexpected system failure, your technician will already be familiar with your unit and therefore the reparation process will take less time and money. Our maintenance packages include annual check ups and scheduled visits. We have many packages available to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

A/C Maintenance

An HVAC repair specialist will clean all parts and pieces of your cooling unit as well as check all refrigerant levels and refill as necessary. Coils will be inspected and cleaned and the blower unit will be inspected and calibrated for optimal air flow.

Trust the HVAC Maintenance Professionals

We always recommend that a professional HVAC specialist do the maintenance for your unit, however,The Following Services are recommended to be performed One Time per Year to ensure your air conditioning system will be operating at its maximum efficiency level. Prices are based on per unit and per size of unit.

INSIDE: Air Handler

  1. Clean the Evaporator Coil and Cabinet. (If Evaporator Coil is too impacted to Clean in place, Removing Evaporator Coil and Cleaning outside is an EXTRA COST.)
  2. Pull and Clean Blower Assembly unit, oil and reinstall.
  3. Check Amp Draw on all Electrical components and tighten electrical connections where needed.
  4. Clean Air Handler Primary and Secondary drain pans.
  5. Flush drain lines thoroughly and then Vacuum out.
  6. Check Primary and Secondary Float switches for proper operation.
  7. Check Blower Motor capacitor for correct level of capacitance.
  8. Check all Blower Motor belts and replace if needed, 1 time a year.

OUSIDE: Condensing Unit

  1. Clean Condensing Unit Outdoor Coil and Cabinet.
  2. Oil all outdoor Fan Motors and check electrical connections.
  3. Check all Amp Draw on all Electrical Components.
  4. Check outdoor Fan Motor Capacitor for correct level of capacitance.
  5. Check Compressor Capacitor for correct level of capacitance.
  6. Check Refrigeration levels to ensure proper refrigeration charge. A refrigeration system is a closed loop system. (If a system needs Freon, there is a leak and there will be an EXTRA COST to find the leak and to refill Freon back to the correct refrigeration charge.) Freon prices are based on market price.
  7. Clean out all leaves and debris inside condenser cabinet.

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