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At US Air Services Inc, we offer many different types of air cooling systems to choose from. These air conditioners often range from style, to size, to type. At US Air Services Inc, we can most certainly find the right air conditioning make and model to suit your particular needs and budget. Regardless of if you require a large scale commercial unit, or something to cool your family home, we’ll be sure to find the right air conditioner for you!

To help you better understand the concept of air conditioning, the following article will outline some different types of air conditioning units that are common. Reading this will help you make the best decision possible before investing in an air conditioning unit.

Unlike heating, which is a rather simple and straightforward process, air-conditioning is slightly more complicated. The process of air conditioning actually involves in the removal of heat from the designated area. There are a few different ways to do this, which is why there are so many different makes, models and styles of air conditioners on the market. It is most common for air conditioners to remove heat through the process of a compression cycle which transfers heat from inside the home to outside of the home through the condenser from the chemical reaction in the refrigerant. Also a by-product of heat removal is humidity which is transferred from air handler inside the home through the condensate drain line to outside the home.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

The most common types of air conditioners that employ this technique of cooling air are central air conditioners and heat pumps. These types of A/C units are best for those who have a large home with many rooms that need to be cooled. These are designed to push the cold air through a ventilation system that goes throughout the entire home or office into multiple rooms through ventilation ducts in the walls and floors. This type of A/C goes hand-in-hand with a heat pump, which reverses the cycle during cooler months that demand the home to be heated rather than cooled.

These types of A/C units are very energy efficient, and often come with energy saving capabilities to maximize efficiency and minimize electricity costs. Another bonus is that they often last longer, and the system doubles as a heater during the colder months, so you won’t have to install so many different units in your home.

For customers who have smaller scale needs, mini-split units are another option. These are typically found in apartment buildings, offices and one room applications. Mini-splits are being used for whole house applications now. The upside of this type of system is the high SEER rating that you can accomplish with theses systems.

These are just a few examples of the popular air conditioners that are available on the market today. To find out more, or learn about different styles, call us and speak with one of our friendly HVAC experts. They will help you find the perfect A/C unit for your needs!

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